Steph Aiello image“Born and raised in Southern California, Steph Aiello has always had a clear passion, makeup. She has two loving parents and twin sister that has always supported everything she has done. On October 24th she was driving home from Vegas and dozed off behind the wheel, launching off an over pass flipping her car. She immediately became a C5-7 quadriplegic. When she was in the hospital an occupational therapist  came in, knowing that her passion was always beauty, she brought in makeup brushes and helped her figure out a way for her to do her own makeup. While taking on a new journey of paralysis, Steph never thought she would get a phone call that would have to face another challenge. The doctor called and told Steph that she had a desmoid tumor. Going through radiation for 3 months, she beat it! After 6 tough years of re learning how to become herself she has finally built up the courage and embraced who she is and started sharing videos of how she applies her makeup. In just a short few months, Steph has reached thousands of people across the world, motivating and sharing her passion. Steph has also learned she can dance. She has became the co captain of the Rollettes Wheelchair Dance Team based out of Southern California. With the outreach and drive she has, nothing will get in her way of showing the world that no matter what obstacle comes your way.. with a little passion and commitment anything is possible.”

12400 Ventura Blvd #274
Studio City CA 91604
Contact: Rollettes Wheelchair Dance Team

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